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A fast growing indoor plant which provides great ground cover and very little height. Will look fantastic in any display due to its ability to grow sideways rather than upwards. Great to order in quantities of 3’s or 5’s to give that ‘full’ look for your display. It’s small rounded leaves look fantastic and add a different texture to the majority of other indoor plants on offer.

Watering and Maintenance

    • This is a very low maintenance plant.
    • Place in bright but indirect sunlight.
    • Good drainage is important to prevent root rot.
    • Water when the soil feels dry to the finger (around once per week) all year round.
    • Repotting: Best to re-pot the plant every 3 to 5 years into a larger pot.
    • Plants To Your Door Tip: Only water when the soil feels dry and give the plant lots of indirect light.

Soleirolia (Mind your own business)

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